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Calynn Irwin Spacer Sochi Bound

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Join the Sochi 2014 Team!

Come cheer on our athletes in Sochi, Russia with the team!

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If you are sponsoring a Canadian athlete, you are part of this legacy. You are part of Canada’s story! Now come out and join the team in celebration.



  • Rio 2016

    What: In 2016 our Canadian national teams will be in Rio. Join them on their journey to national glory and worldly success.

    When: Aug 5-21 2016

    Where: Rio Brazil


  • XGames

    Extreme sports that will bring you on the ride of your life as you sit in on the edge of your seat, with your adrenaline pumping, watch someone do a flip 30 feet in the air.  Check it out!

    When: August 2014

    Where: TBA


Become a Sponsor of a Canadian athlete.


Forming a powerful alliance of Corporations and individuals each sponsoring a Canadian athlete.


Corporations and individuals that believe investing in the future of a Canadian athlete is investing in the future of Canada


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